MT SESSION – a tinkling of soul

Part one of ‘a tinkling of soul’

Intro a tinkling of soul
01. Sam Cooke  – (Somebody) Ease My Troublin’ Mind
02. Eddie Holman – I Love You
03. East 94 – If You See Me
04. Dionne Warwick – Walk The Way You Talk
05. The Sylvers – What’s It All About
06. Heatwave – Mind Blowing Decisions
07. Al Green – I Tried To Tell Myself
08. David Ruffin – Walk Away From Love
09. Syl Johnson – Anyway The Wind Blows
10. Willie Hutch – A Love Worth Having
11. OV Wright – Let’s Straighten It Out
12. Rhythm Machine – Put A Smile On Time
13. William Bell – I Forgot To Be Your Lover
14. Gil Scott Heron – I Think I Call It Morning
15. Jose Feliciano – Compartments
16. Oscar Brown Jr. – Brother Where Are you (live version)
Intro Marvin
17. Marvin Gaye – Symphony (Undebbed Version)
Outro Marvin

Stay tuned for part two!


About merijn tiemessen

Music, entertainment and media professional... I have been working in the music biz since 2003. Radio | Events | Label | Artists | Management | Media Current: Music Director @ Sublime FM (NL) Companies I worked for in the past: Management @ Wicked Jazz Sounds (music platform) DJ @ KX Radio Manager Kris Berry & Perquisite Manager Kris Berry (singer) Radio 6 Universal Music Challenge Records Int. (New Arts International)

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