New Charles Bradley Song And Album


Since the release of 2011’s award winning debut, No Time for Dreaming, Charles Bradley has transformed from a rising star in the Daptone galaxy into a bona-fide headliner, now affectionately known across the globe as the “Screaming Eagle of Soul.”

Bradley and writer/producer/multi instrumentalist Thomas “TNT” Brenneck returned to Dunham studios in 2012 and recorded the most exciting Daptone release to date, Victim of Love.  In this album Bradley moves past “Heartaches and Pain” and closer to the promise of hope.  Though akin to the raw Soul that has affirmed Daptone as the world’s #1 authority, Victim of Love is a genre-bending masterpiece.  Out April 2nd, 2013! (source: Daptone Records)

Listen to the single, “Strictly Reserved for You”

Charles Bradley will be performing at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland this summer.
Click here to read more about performing artists during the festival


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